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Some more photos from last weeks video shoot with Human After All Episode one should be posted by later this week. 

Check out the trailer clip here:

Human After All are recording a new EP with Seth Henderson of ABG Studios stay tuned for episode 1!

Just a few random photos from Human After All’s day one of recording! 

they’ll have a new record out soon!

check them out at:

Veil of Maya @ The Miramar Theatre (Milwaukee, WI)


The Ox King from Chicago, IL

@The Miramar Theatre, Milwaukee, WI

3.23.14 W/ Veil of Maya, Erra, Reflections 

Calabrese from AZ @ Brauer House in IL

Rock N Roll

The Way Back @ The Frequency in Madison, WI 

Pop Punk from Madison, WI

check em out!

Human After All 3/18/14 @ The Frequency In Madison, WI

pop punk from Milwaukee, WI

Check em out!

I shot some album photos for Cross Me the other day. these dudes are great. also check out their band

The first road trip with deadset was tons of fun